droppedImage_2Motherhood is by nature a selfless endeavor.

You willingly give over your body, heart and soul.  You feed, listen, love, drive, help, laugh and love some more.  You do this generously and happily…until you don’t.  This may be when your kid is 3 or when they go to college, but there is the inevitable necessity of returning to self. 

You look at yourself in the mirror and don’t recognize the woman staring back at you.  You may feel stuck, unsure, scared, lost.  What’s next?

This is a place ripe with possibility. A place to pause, reflect upon where you’ve been and where you’d like to go.

You are ready for reinvention.

Ready to connect to your values, purpose and passion, reflect on the wisdom you’ve developed as a mother, and choose what’s next for you.

Maybe you want inner-peace and confidence to be a more present and inspired mother.  Maybe you are a closet entrepreneur with a big dream.  Maybe it’s a career change your ready for, or you want to go back to work.   Maybe you want to actively pursue your passion for feeding the world.  The scenarios are endless, but the yearning for transformation is the same.

Your soul is ready to shine.

Reinvention is about choosing YOU—taking the time and space to connect to your authentic self so that you hear the whisperings of your soul.  The answers are there.