Igniting Mommy’s Mojo

Igniting Mommy’s Mojo

60 minute devoted to you

I help Moms find ease and inspiration by defining motherhood on their own terms.  I call it Authentic Motherhood.  The foundation of Authentic Motherhood is courageous self-love.  You must put yourself at the top of your “to do” list.  This isn’t selfish it’s necessary. Clarity around who you are, frees you to shed the heavy blanket of external expectations, creating less stress and more joy.   This shift of perspective will change your life and the lives of all those around you.  Happy, confident, moms raise happy, confident kids.

I invite you to take the first step to shifting your life—a 60 minute, one-on-one session with me.  I am a coach and a mother to four. I intimately understand the overwhelm of motherhood, the challenge of balancing my needs with those of my family. I practice Authentic Motherhood AND the operative word here is practice.  I still yell at my kids, feel exhausted, don’t know how I’m going to possibly get everything done, but I have a new inner peace, a feeling of connection and inspiration to pursue my dual callings of mother and coach.  Mommy’s happier=Family’s happier.

Coaching isn’t about me, however, it’s about YOU.  This is an opportunity for you to focus on your wants and desires. Where are you feeling tight, constricted?  What is aching to transform within you?  Are you ready to create a plan of action to help you move forward?

Together we’ll create a safe space where vulnerability and trust are honored.  I offer you my openhearted compassion.  I will ask powerful questions that will spark clarity and awareness.  I will listen, deeply.  You will be heard.  I will reflect back to you what I hear you saying-and not saying.  Together will delve deeper to discover what is most important to you and design actions to create transformation.

 Expect these results

  • Identify your values they are your roadmap to authenticity.
  • Call out limiting beliefs, disempowering language and ingrained patterns
  • Name your fears and create strategies for disengaging from the gremlins that continually sabotage you.  Fear empowers you to be courageous.
  • Take action

I have helped women gain confidence and ease as mothers, jump start their career after years as stay-at-home moms, let go of relationships that no longer serve them, find happiness and success in their business.  These brave women dared to prioritize their needs and experienced profound transformation as a result.

 Are you in?  Here are the details.

  •  We meet for one hour over the phone.
  • Before the hour together I will email you an Igniting Mommy’s Mojo worksheet. You will have some time to write out your thoughts.  You can email me your responses 24 hours in advance of our call.
  • I will read your responses in preparation for our time together.
  • If you choose, I can record our call together for your reference down the road.  I will email you the link when we are done.
  • Cost is $30, due before we meet, paid through PayPal. I will send you an invoice.

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