Women love to get together.  Think book clubs, exercise classes, we want to connect and support each other in our journeys.  My workshops and retreats offer the synergy of a group AND access to powerful coaching.  It’s a great way to see if coaching is right for you.  I will also create custom workshops for various already established groups you may be a part of just contact me and let me know your needs.

Below are my current workshops to help moms get their shine on.  The world is in need of your love and light.

Kick Start your life in 2014:  Create a vision and plan for getting what you desire this year

The Stamina to Create Change:  When your life as it is demands every moment and every ounce of energy, and yet you yearn for more, where can you find the time and energy to create something new?

Meaning beyond Motherhood:  Creating sustained momentum and results in finding meaning in addition to motherhood.

Confident Mothering:  Calm your guilt, doubt and uncertainty and parent with power, confidence and ease.