Women have experienced these results from coaching with me.

I decided to go back to work after seventeen years at home and needed help figuring out what I wanted to do. Anne was instrumental in honing my interests, skills and desires. She helped me see through the clutter and kept  me on track.  She is a cheerleader that helps you find your best self.  She bolstered my confidence and constantly reminded me what I had to offer. I went into interviews strong and asked for what I wanted. I ended up with my dream position and loads of flexibility. I’m beyond excited and feel revitalized. Anne is like a guardian angel or your mom reminding you that you can do it. And when things don’t go well she helps you brush yourself off and start again. She’s now helping me figure out how to balance work and family so I transition successfully. I highly recommend AP Coaching to clarify what you want and how to achieve your goals. She puts life in perspective.

Arianne Burnhan, Senior Housing Advisor I Silver Age Housing and Care Referrals

Working with Anne Pillsbury was integral to the launching of my company. Over the last year + , Anne has helped me (very gingerly I might add) to work through my “trash” (you know, that self talk of “I should”), to the gut feeling “I really really want to!….So, thank you, thank you Anne! 

Christine Protus, Prohealth Labs

I am a mother of two children and I have a fantastic husband.  I love my life and spending my days with my kids.  When I first met with Anne as my Life Coach I was a bit nervous.  I really wasn’t sure if I needed her coaching expertise or what I would even share with her.  I do not easily open up to people so talking about myself with another person made me uneasy.  From the first meeting I had with Anne she was very calming and supportive.  To my amazement she was always able to get the words flowing out of me like a waterfall.  It was very natural.  Under her guidance we confirmed together that yes, I do have a wonderful life, one to be very thankful for.  BUT — still something was missing.  Within the first two sessions I had with Anne she had me looking deep into my heart and soul, which can be scary.  Beyond the fear lay a whole new realm of excitement.  I had forgotten my passions in life and Anne helped to dig deep into the bag, bring them out, and unwrap them again.  Anne helped me begin to give myself one of the greatest gifts in life.  To have the wisdom to realize when I need to focus on myself, and to nurture my spirit and well being first when I need to.  It seems very elementary, but it is easy to forget about ourselves when we define our roles in life as wife and mother and fall into those positions.  I started very slow with my accomplishments and I am a work in progress.  But I am cheered on by Anne and I know I always have her in my back pocket when I need her.  Anne  is amazing at helping a person to reset their inner compass.  She is compassionate, aggressive, creative, and caring.  She expected me to follow through with my goals each week, and when I had an exciting moment she was as proud and as excited as I was.  She shared every moment with me and has seen me through the ups and downs.  Even on my bad days, and I do still have them, I hear her voice nudging me to dig deep, and I follow it.  I still have many triumphant moments.  A life Coach does not get any better than that! A.L., mom of 2

 Anne Pillsbury was born to be a life coach—she is incredibly wise, intuitive, compassionate, and inspiring.  She truly GETS it (as a wife, a mother, a friend, and a seeker)–how complicated it is for women of our generation to balance modern life with our own nagging sense of un-tapped potential.  Anne herself is a living example that it’s never too late to re-focus on your gifts and dreams and turn them into the missing piece of the puzzle. 

After only a couple of sessions with her, I was motivated to take a quantum leap towards investing in me and jumpstarting my career after 14 years as a stay-at-home mom.   It’s a joy to work with Anne—I feel completely comfortable with her, and she challenges me to know and take care of myself.  She’s an excellent coach and personal cheerleader rolled into one, and I share each ‘victory’ with her!”  ~Stefanie Frank, mother of 3

Working with Anne over the past several months has been a wonderful experience.  She has helped me clarify my goals, have more faith in my own decision making, and clear away the mental clutter that keeps me from getting things done.  She calls me out when I am causing unnecessary drama in my life, and guides me back on track.  It is enormously helpful to have someone to be accountable to each week, who is uniquely capable of being an unbiased observer and totally invested in your success all at once.  Without Anne’s help through this process, I would not have been able to define my intentions so clearly, and actually see them manifest.  It’s been amazing! D.H, mom of 2


Anne Pillsbury was a great resource for me as I worked to find happiness and success in my business.  By listening compassionately, she was able to come up with thoughtful exercises for me to work through.  She made me feel safe to be completely honest with her which lead to some great insights into what is really important to me in my business, and my life. J.S, mom of 2

Anne has the profound ability to ask the questions that have led me to some great AH HA! moments. It’s been like a puzzle piece finally fitting into place for me. I crave my weekly sessions with her and I strongly urge anyone who is frustrated with any aspect of their life to work with Anne. I feel working with Anne has propelled me by leaps and bounds in a very personal, intimate and empowering way. She is gentle, non-judgmental, and keenly aware.” Ashley Marlatt, mom of 3